3D-graffiti pieces die lijken te zweven dankzij optische illusies

De Portugees Odeith is een ware graffiti-meester die prachtige optische illusies maakt door slim gebruik van trucjes met kleur, schaduw, perspectief en zelfs de grond onder een muur waar zijn werk op staat.






Odeith, an extraordinarily talented street artist based in Portugal, creates incredible works of street art that will fool your eyes into thinking that they’re floating 3D sculptures. His mastery of anamorphic art and perspective is truly mind-boggling.

We suggest taking a few minutes to look at his art, because that’s what it will take to deconstruct and see through his brilliant illusions. By incorporating the ground and the ambient lighting of a work into his composition, he makes it seem like his “floating” paintings are casting shadows on the ground or even giving off light. The artist is a true renaissance man, as he used to run a tattoo studio and also sells canvas paintings as well.